Above all, IA's welcoming environment affirms the individuality of students.

When a student is overwhelmed by the social and academic stress of spending every day in an uncomfortable educational setting, his or her challenge is much greater. Our small, supportive setting helps students feel comfortable and accepted, so they can focus on the task of learning and becoming productive, confident individuals. The Independence Academy values:

  • Being a place to belong (small contained classes, structured day, individualized goals)

  • Offering a pace that is manageable (low student-teacher ratio, daily exercise, sensory breaks)

  • Teaching the whole student (daily social and life skills training, self-awareness, self-advocacy)

  • Having pride in our unique students (qualified staff that accepts and affirms students)

  • Being part of something special (peaceful setting, centrally located in the heart of Indianapolis)

We're focused on doing everything we can to make our students succeed.  That's why we're trusted by so many parents!


The Independence Academy was founded by parents of students with high-functioning autism. We recognize the importance of having children strive to meet personal goals in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding, and concentrate on the critical skills students need to be successful and develop into lifelong learners. Large-motor movement and sensory activities are incorporated each day to help students feel calm, centered and focused on learning.

Our licensed teachers are passionate about working with students with high-functioning autism. Many have a personal connection to someone with ASD. Our faculty are trained and educated in a number of best practices for students with autism including Riley HANDS in Autism, TEACCH, the Visualization and Verbalization comprehension program, the writing process, student assertiveness training, and positive behavior reinforcement. Faculty is dedicated to collaborating with all the members of every student’s team to create an effective educational experience and ensure successful outcomes.