Financial contributions and in-kind donations help to support our mission of creating an educational environment that inspires and enables students to achieve their highest level of independence and academic success.



The Independence Academy would not be able to provide the quantity or caliber of services to its students without financial support from donors. Tuition and fees cover the basic cost of educating our students, while donations help us to:

Expand technology
Technology is continually being developed that directly benefits our students' unique needs.

Train our teachers
The needs of our students are constantly changing, requiring the IA staff to adapt in order to serve students in the best possible way. Participating in specialized training allows teachers to master new techniques and approaches, thus enabling students to learn at their fullest potential.

Provide need-based scholarships
Many students could not attend The Independence Academy without tuition assistance. While we are not able to provide assistance to everyone who needs it, we provide scholarships as funding permits. With the exception of the School Choice voucher program, tuition assistance is made possible solely through the generosity of our donors.


Give online
Make a gift online through our convenient, secure system. Online gifts are charged to your credit card.

Mail a cash gift
The Independence Academy
4701 North Central Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Donate an in-kind item
IA accepts donations of classroom supplies, furnishings and other items. To arrange for the delivery of an in-kind donation, please call our school office at 317.926.0043.

To discuss other giving options or for general philanthropic inquiries, please contact us. Contributions qualify as a charitable donation, as The Independence Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.