Students with autism have tremendous potential when given the right support.

The Independence Academy's educational program is appropriately rigorous and enriched in a manner specifically differentiated for learners on the autism spectrum. Our dedicated and highly-trained staff use a multisensory approach while teaching our students. We emphasize hands-on learning, project-based teaching and precision instruction to meet the needs of our students. Our staff teaches the necessary academic standards in a unique and engaging way as our students work towards their fully-accredited high school diploma. 

An additional key component of our program is learning to develop personal responsibility and find a balance between reliance upon adults for guidance and limits and independence. Our focus on exceptional academics is accompanied by our strong belief that both life and social skills are critical components for our student’s success.

IA's curriculum is designed to meet the special needs of high-functioning students on the autism spectrum as they develop their increasing ability for complex thought. In a more typical school environment with a broader mission, curriculum and academic requirements may not be sufficiently appropriate to provide for intellectual growth and the development of effective life skills, study skills and habits. Our curriculum is also aimed to give students a solid foundation for further study and enables them to function as autonomous learners. In addition to laying the foundation for future learning, IA's curriculum develops students’ abilities to think critically, evaluate, communicate effectively, reason, solve problems and value the diverse viewpoints, heritages and experiences of others.

Students receive daily instruction in history, language arts, mathematics and science. Math classes are grouped across grade levels according to students’ level of skill and concept development. Special classes meet between one to three periods per week and may include art, music, computer technology, physical education, transition planning and Spanish. Students may participate in many after-school activities which are offered throughout the year by our talented staff.