What is an IEP?

An individualized educational plan (IEP) documents the services required to meet student’s needs. The Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) governs services provided to students with disabilities who attend public school. School districts must follow established procedures to identify and evaluate students who are suspected of having a disability.

An IEP is a public school document and may be used when converting to a Services Plan for parentally placed private school students.


An individualized services plan (ISP) is developed and implemented to the extent appropriate for each private school student with a disability who has been designated to receive special education and related services offered by the school district. The ISP must be developed by a team and reviewed at least annually.

Children with disabilities enrolled in public schools are entitled to FAPE and must receive the full range of services under IDEA Part B that are necessary to meet the child’s individual needs through a developed individualized education plan. 

Individualized services plans are limited and only provide the services determined by the school district. Parentally placed private school students are not entitled to FAPE in the private schools.