Where is The Independence Academy of Indiana located?
We are located on the top floor of First-Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church at 4701 North Central Avenue in Indianapolis.

What is IA's philosophy?
We believe our students are capable of tremendous growth and success when given the right support. The Independence Academy provides that support in a nurturing community of educators who respect students as unique individuals. We strive to build on students’ individual strengths and address individual challenges. Our goal is to help all students find success and realize their maximum potential.

What is unique about IA's approach?
The Independence Academy was founded by parents of students with high-functioning autism. We recognize the importance of having children strive to meet personal goals in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. Our teaching extends beyond academics — we also offer daily life and social skills classes, providing hands-on learning and individual social goals. IA teachers provide clear structure, visual support, sensory breaks and positive reinforcement. Our academic focus is on using the best teaching methods available to help each student meet his or her individual goals. Teachers also concentrate on the critical skills students need to be successful and develop into lifelong learners. Large-motor movement and sensory activities are incorporated each day to help students feel calm, centered and focused on learning.

Who is teaching my child?
Our licensed teachers are passionate about working with students with high-functioning autism. Many have a personal connection to someone with ASD. Our faculty are trained and educated in a number of best practices for students with autism including Riley HANDS in Autism, TEACCH, the Visualization and Verbalization comprehension program, the writing process, student assertiveness training, and positive behavior reinforcement. Faculty is dedicated to collaborating with all the members of every student’s team to create an effective educational experience and ensure successful outcomes.

How will I know my son or daughter is making progress?
The Independence Academy monitors each student’s progress by completing individual competency-based assessments, quarterly progress reports, and Plans for Student Progress. The results of student progress are shared at regular parent-teacher conferences. Annual service plan conferences are conducted with representatives of the Indianapolis Public Schools Private School Education team who work with IA in developing service plans and providing speech and occupational therapy services.

What opportunities will my student have to form friendships?
IA provides the sense of community that students need to feel accepted. For many students who have experienced the sense of being different, the opportunity to be among other students with autism leads to a less stressful and more rewarding experience. Students find they develop greater social confidence and have many opportunities to form friendships through large-group activities, regular sharing, and active teaching of conflict resolution.

How will my son or daughter benefit from attending IA?
When a student is overwhelmed by the social and academic stress of spending every day in an uncomfortable educational setting, his or her challenge is much greater. Our small supportive setting helps students feel comfortable and accepted, so they can focus on the task of learning and becoming productive, confident individuals.

How much does IA cost?
IA’s tuition and fees are comparable to other local private schools. For current tuition and fees, please see our Tuition + Fees page.

How can I learn more about IA?
Contact us with any questions or to schedule an individual consultation for your child.